Nibbles Personal Chef

Questions and Answers

Q. How does the service work?

You can decide on the menu or I can choose the menu for you. Either way, once the menu is selected, I'll do the grocery shopping and arrive at your home on the agreed-upon cooking date. I will prepare all of the meals at one time, and package and store them in either your refrigerator or freezer. I'll clean up, empty the trash and leave behind re-heating instructions and a kitchen full of heavenly aromas.

Check out the sample week for an example of the process.

Q. Do I have to be at home?

No. If you are not going to be home, I need a way to enter and exit the premises without setting off an alarm or being bit by a dog.

Q. Can Nibbles prepare food for special diets?

Yes. Nibbles can tailor your menu to specific dietary needs.

Q. How much do groceries cost?

Groceries might average $100 for a family of four eating five meals, or $50 for a couple eating three meals. It all depends on how elaborate you want your menu.

Q. How is the food packaged?

I package in GladWare containers designed to go from the refrigerator or freezer into the oven or microwave. At the first visit and after every seven or eight weeks there is a separate container fee of $25. Containers usually last that long before needing to be replaced.

Q. Who can use Nibbles?


You could be a couple who loves to go out and eat, but after a hard day doesn't have the energy to sit in a restaurant. (Think how nice it would be to eat coq au vin in your pajamas.)

You could be a family who wants well-balanced meals but between running from activity to activity, there just isn't time to cook. (Think how great it would be to come in from soccer practice and fill your table with bacon-wrapped meatloaf, mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans in 10 minutes.)

You could be a family that has time to cook, but occasionally you encounter a busier week than usual, or company comes into town and there just isn't time to make that chicken Parmesan you saw in Bon Appetit. Cut out the recipe and give it to me, I'll make it for you and you can take the credit.

Maybe you're single and want to invite that special someone over for dinner. While you're trying to figure out which outfit looks best, I'll whip up the spinach Florentine soup, the crab cakes and the key lime pie.

Anyone can use Nibbles for any occasion.

Q. Do you have a storefront?

No. The booth at the Atherton Market, though, serves as a storefront for baked goods and granola.

Q. Do you do anything other than sweets?

Of course! Just look around the rest of this website. That question does arise at the Market, though.

Q. Are you licensed? Insured?

Yes and yes.