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Meal Delivery Service

If you prefer smaller orders and are flexible about the menu, prepared-meal delivery is a great alternative. Each week Nibbles posts an array of choices that you can order on a per-meal basis. Delivery is available in south and central Charlotte and into Fort Mill. Weekly capacity is limited. To be added to the weekly e-mail list, contact Robin at or 704-779-9273.

Example of weekly prepared food email:

In addition to the organic, gluten and dairy free menu options, Nibbles now offers organic menu selections that contain dairy and/or gluten, prepared in a health conscious manner. Deadline to order is Friday at noon. Orders will be delivered on Monday between 1 and 4:30 p.m.

Questions? Please email, call or text Robin.

Meals are organic, gluten and dairy free -- unless where otherwise noted. Each meal consists of one serving -- unless where otherwise noted.

Minimum order of $50 required.

  • * -- Contains gluten
  • ** -- Contains dairy
  • *** -- Contains gluten and dairy
  • ***Nine-inch broccoli cheddar quiche: $20.00
  • **Pulled chicken salad: $10.00.
  • Vegetable beef stew: $10.50.
  • Slow-baked salmon with lemon and thyme ; steamed broccoli: $21.25.
  • Basil meatballs in marina; zucchini spirals: $18.75.
  • Chicken lo mein: $16.00.
  • Roast vegetable quinoa: $15.50.
  • Herb egg salad: $9.50.